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Conical Mounts


Product Description:
Conical mounts mainly consist of a conical shaped inner and conical shaped outer metal sleeve connected by a fully bonded elastomer.
This cone shaped elastomer, when loaded deforms in both shear and compression resulting in a high load capacity mount that can withstand high horizontal and vertical shock loads whilst providing excellent vertical vibration isolation.
When used with rebound and overload washers they become fully captive and are most suitable for use in mobile and off road vehicle applications where rollover protection is required.

Design Features:
Cut outs in the rubber section offer different elastic spring rates in the x and y directions, Fully bonded rubber element, Fully Captive with correct washer installation, High load capacity, Long service life due to no moving parts, Low compact height above fixing flange, Robust design, the rubber element is also protected from ingress of oil and contamination
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