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Formed in June 2006; The purpose of our company is to provide a full specialist facility for all types of Anti Vibration mountings, from application, design and manufacture through to supply for the Industrial and Marine sectors. With over 30 years' experience we can ensure that, whether your requirement is for a specific manufactured mount or standard component supply, we are in an ideal position to be able to offer the correct product at the right price.

AV mounts made from your design specifications

At AV Mounts UK Ltd in Leicester, we undertake a professional approach when it comes to vibration isolators. Not only will we design and analyse the component, provide optimum product selection we also carry out noise & vibration surveys where required.

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  • Aerospace Vibration isolation and shock attenuation
    mounting systems designed to provide
    protection for on-board avionics equipment
    and interior furnishings from engine vibration,
    aerodynamic vibration, gust load inputs,
    hard landing shock, tow vehicle hump,
    accessory operation and constant G related
    manoeuvring inputs.

  • Marine Designs that provide passenger safety
    and comfort while protecting ship's
    structure, on-board electronics, interiors
    and other equipment from power
    plant and wave action.

  • Industrial Designs that provide protection for
    operators and sensitive equipment
    from dynamic activity generated
    by the machinery itself.
    Stock and custom designs to
    meet most application requirements.

Our service includes;

Anti Vibration Mount application, design, analysis and selection to provide the optimum solution for your requirement. In addition, low overheads ensure that our prices are the keenest for most applications, we are often able to supply components at OE prices for small volumes.

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